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BBM02Bad Boy Mowers are one of the very best on the market today, that provide the durability, power, and construction of commercial mowers for residential customers, at prices that cannot be beat. These mowers crush the competition, since they are constructed to last, and perform without fault for years and years to come. These mowers feature many different heavy-duty components that other zero-turn manufacturers just cannot match. Much of the mower is actually designed and fabricated in the Bad Boy Mower company, and parts that aren’t are the finest quality, such as the Kohler and Kawasaki motors that are featured in their mowers. This also makes it very easy to obtain any replacement parts that you may need, because there is no guesswork, like that which would be required to maintain and fix other mowers. This, our knowledge about the machines, plus the ability to service your mower in-house here at Madison County Farm Supply make us your one-stop shop to buy your mower, maintain it, and service it, if needed. Stop in today to see a mower, that is known for it’s remarkable durability, efficiency, safety, and value! You’ll be glad you did!

Mower Series That Are In-Stock


As one of the lighter mowers in the Bad Boy Mower lineup, the MZ Magnum takes pride in a new shockingly low price, starting as low as $3,499.99, or a financing program if that works for you! Don’t let the low price fool you- this mower is feature- packed and ready to rumble! While other manufacturers would have compromised with a stamped deck- this Bad Boy Mower still sticks to its guns, featuring a solid fabricated deck. This model will keep you riding comfortable cut after cut- and the grass as clean-cut as possible. This series also still sports the same mower controls as the much larger commercial cousins of this mower, making it easy to keep your mower’s performance at the slide of a hand.

The model that we feature sports the ruggedness of a Kohler Pro 7000 engine on a 54″ fabricated deck.

BBM-ZTElite_FrontRight_16BBM-LOGO-ZTEliteSeries_Color This series is a perfectly balanced example of a mower that is both durable, and also affordable. In fact, it is the best-selling Bad Boy Mower series available at this time. It features comfort and control, and far exceeds the performance of any competitor model in it’s class. Now featuring improved hydraulics, more comfort, better handling, and an even better cut, so that it exceeds the market even further in performance for its low price. This series is available in-store with deck widths of 48″, 54″, and 60″, and both Kohler and Kawasaki motors, so we are sure to have the model that meets your needs! These mowers start as low as $4,499.00! Financing options are also available for these mowers, so that you can own this mower affordably!

Stop in today and get a feel for one of the most popular mowers on the market!

BBM_Location_Diesel_1_16BBM-Maverick_Logo_OrangePerformance could not be more emphasized on the Maverick series of mowers. They feature many things that other mowers cannot- such as the EZ Ride System, helping make yard-work more of a hobby, and less of a chore! This mower features independent suspended driving experience, which makes your mower more stable, and also ensures that even, well-manicured lawn that is sure to be the envy of the town. With the power to easily maintain around four acres of land, this mower is certainly big enough to take what you throw at it. With it’s legendary series of motors, it is going to continue to do that for quite some time, so that you get much more bang for your buck! This mower starts at prices around $5,999.00, and is easily financed, so that you can get the mower you want, and can also get what you want out of your mower!

We feature the 60″ Maverick with a 747cc Kohler Confidant series engine, which will ensure year after year of unbeatable dependability.

BBM-QutlawXP_Right_16BBM-LOGO-OutlawXP_Color As one of the biggest and baddest mowers Bad Boy Mowers has to offer, the Outlaw series is built to offer top-of-the-line features that no competitor can come close to meeting. With unique additions that have never been introduced to the market before, this series will certainly aim to please. It works to feature more speed, power, and comfort, all of which the Bad Boy Mower brand has been come to known for. All of this is available at pricing starting as low as $8,899.00.

We feature the large 61″ Outlaw XP model, with an 852 Kawasaki FX motor, which will translate into years and years of dependable, uninterrupted service!

If you need any help in learning more about our Bad Boy Mowers, or have any inquiries, please feel free to Contact Us!


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