Small Engine Shop

You have requested it, and we have listened! One of the biggest most recent improvements to our lineup of customer services is the ability to service all of your small engine based equipment. With the addition of an on- staff full time mechanic to our team, we are able to service, repair, and maintain all of your lawn and garden equipment. This even includes certified warranty work that must be done on any Husqvarna equipment. We also have the ability to service and maintain all types of equipment, including:

Riding Mowers

Zero Turns

Push Mowers

String Trimmers

Pole Saws

Tillers (full size and mini)


Pressure Washers


…and anything else with a small engine!

Husqvarna Kawasaki Motor
We offer various services involving this equipment as well. Are your mower blades dull? We can fix that! We have service available, including blade sharpening, and replacement, if needed. Is your chainsaw failing to deliver full performance? We feature chain sharpening (with a very low price per chain), and replacement as needed. We even specialize in routine maintenance, including oil changes for your equipment. Of course, we have the capability to take care of all problems and repairs for your equipment, working to provide you with fast, affordable, and reliable service on all of your equipment. Please Contact Us for more information about our ability to service your equipment, or to find out how to drop off your machine today, so that our full- time mechanic can get your equipment back out and working today!

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