Masses of Minerals

holstein-cow_w725_h517For any farmer that is concerned with his output, he knows that what goes into the cow will ultimately result in what comes out- in weight, and in production, whether that is of milk, or reproduction. Most of the time, cows are not getting quite everything they need to make efficient use of the pasture, hay, feed, or forage that is given to them. Our mineral products allow them to do just that, and more, as they work to provide the herd with a proper balance of minerals, and also additives for various purposes, whether that is killing off flies, adding chlortetracycline to their diet, adding much needed magnesium to their diet, or even a high dose of phosphorus. Our products, both manufactured in store, and by Ragland Mills Inc. are some of the very best on the market today, so you can rest assured that you are getting more “bang for your buck!” What do you have to lose? Stop in today to get more for your money- your herd will only benefit from their proper nutrition, and your bottom line will too!

To see information from the University of Missouri on why minerals are important for your cattle, please Click Here.

Some of the many benefits you will see with the use of our products, such as Protein Plus, include:

  • Increasing calf weaning weights
  • Reducing animal sickness
  • Providing digestible nutrition with multiple proteins
  • Providing vitamin and mineral needs
  • Providing feed efficiency, extending hay and pastures
  • All products are coated with Rain Gard \ All Weather Guard

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