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Masses of Minerals

For any farmer that is concerned with his output, he knows that what goes into the cow will ultimately result in what comes out- in weight, and in production, whether that is of milk, or reproduction. Most of the time, cows are not getting quite everything they need to make […]

Your “Post” for Poultry Products

As a provider for all of your animal needs, we stock a full line of poultry products for the health and well being of your flock! Happy chickens lay healthy eggs, and produce well for a long time! Healthy turkeys put on more weight, and lookWe carry a large selection […]

We are Your One-Stop Shop for Pet Needs!

If you have a four-legged farmhand that you need to stay in tip-top shape, we have what you need in our store. In fact, we pride ourselves in having the largest inventory of pet products in the local area. Whether you are looking for collars, puppy shots, or even the […]

Don’t Forget About Our Weekly Farmer’s Market

Farm Fresh produce, scrumptious goodies, cool crafts, and so much more await you! Come to the front of our store every Saturday, from 8:00am-2:00pm to purchase from our vendors at the weekly farmer’s market! These continue every Saturday through the end of the growing season, roughly early fall! New vendors […]

Introducing Bad Boy Mowers

Now introducing the newest product amongst 30,000 others here at Madison County Farm Supply: Bad Boy Mowers! Now, we have the ability to not only stock quality mowers, but commercial quality mowers that are designed for the residential consumer! We have brought heavy-duty, big league mowing power to your local […]

Warm Up Your Winter

Winter may be off to a slow start, but we are ready for whatever nature throws your way! We have a vast quantity of heaters and stoves to help you fight off the cold, no matter if it is thirty, or thirty below! We have a fine selection of wood […]

2016 is Right Around the Corner!

A new year is right around the corner- and even though 2015 boasted its own challenges, especially with the weather, we are here to help you get 2016 off to a great start. Obviously, this starts with some thanks, because we definitely would not be here without our loyal customers! […]

The Dog Days of Summer

The mercury may be climbing higher and higher, but some of our favorite friends on the farm still work out in it everyday! These faithful critters may even┬áneed special care at this time of the year- pets! We have everything that you need to help keep your pets well fed, […]

Do You Need to Repair Your Fence?

If so, then we have what you need here at Madison County Farm Supply! Whether it is barbed wire, woven wire, welded wire, poultry wire, or even brace wire, we have what you need! This includes electric fencing! Check out our NEWLY UPDATED information page Here!

Cattle Feed and Supply

In the most recent string of updates, the Cattle Feed and Supplies page has been updated to include a more comprehensive listing of our products that we have available for you. Please check back frequently as these page updates continue to roll out!