Fencing Supply Department

We’ve all heard that the “grass looks greener on the other side of the fence.” However, with our fencing supplies, you will be looking at the fence itself! We have a vast inventory of fencing products that enable you to build a great looking and durable fence, all for much less than¬†what other stores will charge! Whether you are looking to put up woven wire, welded wire, barbed wire, poultry wire, or even chain link fencing, we have what you need to make it happen!

We also have a very large selection of T- Posts and wooden posts as well, starting from five feet, all the way up to eight, and varying diameter wooden posts. T- Posts are available by the single post or by bundles of five, which makes picking them up easy. Also, we have the stock to help supply all of your fencing needs.

We carry a fine line of metal tube gates, both in Standard and Bull, and they are painted to make sure that your investment lasts for as long as the fence standing next to it. We also carry goat gates to help meet all of your needs.

We also carry a large variety of electrical fencing supplies, everything from the energizer all the way to the grounding rod. We carry both high quality metal wire and poly woven wire to help meet all of your needs, and we have everything you need to make connections, from gate handles to splicing tools. We also carry a large variety of surge arrestors to help catch any lightning interference before it hits your valuable charger.

If you are in need of fencing supply, you need to stop by Madison County Farm Supply today! If you need more information, please Contact Us!

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