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IMG_0472Are you MCFS Material?

Here at Madison County Farm Supply, one of our greatest assets is our employees- and that shows through each encounter you have with each one of our knowledgeable and educated employees. We have thoroughly evaluated each employee that we have serving you, and have found each and every one to be especially knowledgeable about the farm environment, and application of the different departments and services of our store. In fact, we have found the best employees to serve farmers are those who are farmers themselves and specialists in areas that farmers will find beneficial. That is what sets our employees far above the standards of other industries in our field. We make customer service our number one priority, no matter the circumstance or the demand- we are here to serve our customers!

In addition, we are often looking for staff to add to our employee family to provide our outstanding customer service. However, this is not an easy selection, nor a job that can be easily filled. As we stated before, we need employees who are able to have a knowledge of the products that they will be working with, and not only the products, but the general field that these products are used in. Do you want a fulfilling job coming to the aid of other farmers, and working with customers to aid them through the entire farming process? Are you willing to work hard to help make this happen? Do you look forward to rewarding employment in a farm based environment? If so, we are interested in having you join our team! Please Contact Us today to fill out an application and start a career at Madison County Farm Supply!

Download a copy of the application Here.

All applications must be turned in at our store in person. Please note that position openings are on a very limited basis.

Thank you for your interest in Madison County Farm Supply!

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