Home Department

Home Department

“Home is Where the Heart is”

Here at Madison County Farm Supply, we have everything you need to keep your home in good, working order. We stock a variety of products, from electrical supply to plumbing. We even stock necessities, such as wood stoves, log splitters, pest control products, and much more all in stock and priced extremely competitively! We have everything you need to help keep your home in good working order!

Wood Stoves

We stock two different types of wood stoves: indoor and outdoor. Our indoor wood stoves are from the company Vogelzang. Their company website saysvogelzanglogojpgVogelzang has been offering affordable heating products since 1974. We are committed to offering only the finest selection of wood and pellet stoves, circulators, Cast Iron, Fireplace accessories and related products to the marketplace. Our history of integrity dates back to 1922 and each of our employees has our customer’s best interest in mind at all times. Our management staff, Customer service team and company officers all share the company’s motto: “Our Customers Come First”. We have always been and will continue to be a Family owned business.

Models we stock include:

BX22E BX22E_pro  BX26E BX26E_Boxwood VG820E  VG820E_Heartwood


As an integral component to every farmstead, it is no surprise that electrical supply is in high demand- and we have a lineup of products to help you out with your electrical needs, including lightbulbs and portable space heaters.


Another integral component of any farmstead is plumbing. We have everything you need to fix your plumbing, and even to add on new components, with our large inventory of pipe and fittings, including CPVC, PVC, and galvanized materials, and in a wide array of types and sizes. We also have cement, thread sealant, hydrants, sprinklers, hoses, soaker hoses, and so much more. Stop by today!

Pest Control

As unwanted pests move in, we have the solutions to help you stop their invasion! Whether it be rats, mice, moles, or insects, we have you covered with a vast inventory of products that are sure to clear out all of your pest control problems! We have everything from traps, poisons, and bait. Why wait? Stop in today and get rid of these unwelcomed guests for good!

Log Splitters

speecoIf you are in need of some muscle to help get those farm chores done, we have the machines to make that happen. SpeeCo produces a vast lineup of dependable log splitters that save large amounts of time when you are putting away logs for the cold winter months. Stop by and pull one of these home today- you won’t regret it!