Cattle Feed & Supplies

cattleWe are your local leader in Cattle Feed and Supply!

Whether you are feeding one, ten, a hundred, or even a thousand head, we have everything in stock that you need to keep your herd happy and healthy. Whether you need bale feeders, trough feeders, waterers, head gates, medication, and so much more!

We even carry alfalfa hay, freshly made cattle mix feeds, ADM products, and so much more! Stop by today to keep your cattle in tip- top shape!

Bagged Cattle Feed (50 Lbs):

  • Madison County Farm and Home Center Manufactured
    • All Grain (Sweet)
    • 15% Farm Stampede (Both Dry & Sweetened Available)
  • ADM
    • 14% Range Cubes
    • Alfalfa Cubes

Bulk Cattle Feed (Any Weight)

  • 15% Farm Stampede
  • 15% Farm Sweet Stampede

Mineral Blocks & Cattle Supplements:

  • Top Performance Mineralsstock_bag
    • Specialty Minerals

Calf Feed, Medication, and Supplements

Equipment & Other Products:

We also carry a large inventory of other products that are available for use in your herd today!

  • Cattle Ear Tags (Both Pre-printed, in multiple intervals and colors, or blank)
  • Medicated Cattle Ear Tags
  • Cattle Bolus Guns & Medication (Many different Medications Available)
  • Ivermectin & Agrimectin Pour On
  • Castration Equipment (Bands and Applicators)
  • Fiberglass Sorting Poles
  • Hot- Shot Sorting Prods (Asst. Sizes of Handles, Prods, Accessories)

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