Oil Distribution

Here at Madison County Farm Supply, we pride ourselves in our ability to distribute products that our customers need and use, at competitive prices. We have recently become a distributor of Starfire Premium Lubricants, which are produced in a refinery in Louisiana, and shipped directly to our warehouse here in Fredericktown.

This product lineup includes hydraulic and transmission fluid, motor oil. Chainsaw oil, gear oil, small engine oil, grease products, automatic transmission fluid, fuel stabilizer, ether, 134A Freon, part cleaners & lubricants, antifreeze and coolant. These lubricants are designed to meet and exceed industry standards, not to mention the specifications of other name brands, such as Phillips or Rotella. These oils are top grade (levels II and III), and have a large customer base in the market today. Starfire prides itself in its success with customer satisfaction.

To help facilitate better comparison, and ensure your satisfaction with these products, we have included the specifications for each of these fine new products within this booklet.

Many of these oils are available in quarts, gallons, buckets, 55 gallon drums and 330 gallon bulk totes to bring you the quantity of oil you need. We can acquire any products that we do not have within a few days, and this even includes name brand oils, such as Castrol, Chevron, Citgo, Clarion, Conco- Phillips, Havoline, Motorcraft, Pennzoil, Quaker State, Valvoline or Mobil products! Contact us today for more information, and see how our products can serve you with better quality, and competitive pricing!

After all, we are the most complete oil and lubricant distributor in the area!

Madison County Farm Supply

Fredericktown, Missouri