Introducing Bad Boy Mowers

BBM_Location_Diesel_1_16Now introducing the newest product amongst 30,000 others here at Madison County Farm Supply: Bad Boy Mowers! Now, we have the ability to not only stock quality mowers, but commercial quality mowers that are designed for the residential consumer! We have brought heavy-duty, big league mowing power to your local Farm Supply store! These American-made machines come in a wide spectrum of sizes and capacities, and are sure to provide the one that you want, no matter if you are on a small neighborhood yard, or can’t even see your nearest neighbor from your yard! The mowers that are in stock feature both Kawasaki and Kohler motors, which are two of the most reputable small engine manufacturers out there today. In addition to a solid heart of the machine, the entire mower (including it’s custom fabricated deck) is set on a solid 2″ square custom built frame, built specifically by Bad Boy Mowers.

In addition, in due time, we will have a wide variety of accessories and parts available for your mower, including anything from mulching blades to LED headlights, or even custom spoilers for your mower! In addition to all of this, we have the ability to locally service your mower, so that we are your one-stop-shop for buying, maintaining, and servicing your mower!

We not only offer these powers, but provide assistance in financing your mower, should you wish to purchase a mower in increments! Stop by or Contact Us today to see and experience the new Bad Boy Mower lineup!


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