Protein Plus

stock_bagNot only does the feed mill at Madison County Farm Supply take care of all of your animal feed needs, it also works hard to deliver some of the best supplements so that your herd can, not only survive, but thrive, even in some of the most trying conditions for cattle. One series of these supplement products, called Protein Plus, is specially formulated to contain everything that your cattle need, and none of what they don’t! We manufacture this feed on-site in our feed mill with quality ingredients, so that you can be confident that you are getting the very best that we have to offer.

In fact, our supplements are so versatile, that several different formulas are available depending upon the time of the year, so that your cattle always have exactly what they need, whether that is simply a blend of mineral and proteins to help make up for what they hay or pasture lacks, or if they are in need of some heavier medication to help with different ailments throughout the seasons.

All of these products are available in both 50 Lb. bags, and in bulk quantities, so that your herd has exactly what they need, and you are given peace of mind, knowing that your cattle are performing at their very best. Don’t delay any longer- see what your cattle have been missing! Your cattle will love it, and you will as well!

See more about each of our products below!

Protein Plus

This particular formulation of Protein Plus is the standard, 18% protein supplement that you have come to know and trust with the health of your entire cattle herd. It not only boosts protein, and adds necessary Vitamins A & E back into your herd’s diet, but it also focuses in on some key features:

  • Protein Plus increases fertility and milk production
  • Increases calf weaning weights
  • Provides digestible nutrition with multiple proteins
  • Provides vitamin and mineral need.
  • Provides feed efficiency, extending hay and pastures.
  • Coated with All Weather Guard.

Protein Plus Extreme

Protein Plus Extreme is essentially  medicated Protein Plus, which works hard to prevent many different summertime ailments for cattle. This supplement controls bacterial pneumonia associated with shipping fever complex caused by Pastteurella supp. which is susceptible to Chloretetracyclin, one of the powerful medications in this feed. Chlortetracyclin also works to control active infections of anaplasmosis caused by Anaplasma maeginale, in cattle under 700 lbs.   Don’t forget- this is coated with All Weather guard, to prevent loss of the supplement due to the weather elements.

Protein Plus with Mag

This formula of Protein Plus is meant especially for the earlier spring season, while the grass is beginning to grow, and your herd is transitioning from hay to fresh pasture. The issue of grass tetany comes into play, because of the heavy growth, and high water content of spring grass. This supplement helps keep them well supplied with the minerals they need, including mag, in an easily enticing supplement for the cattle. This will help keep them healthy through the stabilization of the pasture grasses, so that any negative health impact from the transitions of early spring are minimized.

If you have any questions about Protein Plus, please feel free to Contact Us to learn more!

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